Hi there, I’m Angie, owner and operator of Salt City Pups. Nice to meet you!

A bit about me. I have been a dog lover since my first memories. I’ve been lucky enough to always be surrounded by pups most of my life. I used to spend hours hiking up in the foothills when I was young. Little did I know after finishing my communications degree at the U that I would be embarking upon hiking pups for a living.

It has been my joy to spend the last 8 years building Salt City Pups and spending lots of time with my furry loved ones on the trails in the Wasatch, getting out our wiggles, socializing, and having fun!

I have found a deep love and satisfaction working with the pups beyond anything I haveIMG_3617 (1) done before. I feel grateful I get to call the mountain my office everyday. The pups have taught me a lot about how easy your energy and mood can affect their energy. They have taught me how to keep calm and collected and respond with assertiveness, love, and affection. In turn they respond back graciously. They are truly mirrors for us and one of the pure joys put here on the earth. They truly are pure love. I pride my work with the pups and life on three things: honesty, integrity, and building great relationships with clients and pups for years to come.

I hope to meet you and your furry loved one soon.

Happy Trails!

Angie & the Salt City Pups Crew